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    Home about Nations Online Project   Information Sources

    ___ FasciNation - about the One World - Nations Online Project.

    The project is a contribution to build working multicultural societies.

    Nations Online Logo
    The OWNO Logo
    it simply symbolizes the world of information online.

    But if you know what life is worth
    You would look for yours on earth.

    Bob Marley -- Get Up Stand Up
    What others say:

     The Art of Information

    Nations Online Project is a pioneer in providing information about countries. It is actually as old as Google, and older than Wikipedia.

    Nations Online Project is considered to be a constantly growing 'total work of art', a genuine Gesamtkunstwerk, that has nothing to do with the aesthetic theory of Richard Wagner, except for the fact that there is a composer and a conductor who put all the big and tiny pieces together in the way he knows it should be, also knowing that it is not perfect -- until now.

     In the Beginning...

    We are all passenger on this very old spaceship called Earth.
    With our birth we've got a ticket for a relatively short but bodacious journey, but remember in a little while there is a time you will be asked to give your token back.
    The time in between is an adventure called live. An adventure full of experience, an adventure of learning, of knowledge, of love and accordance, but also an adventure of pain, misunderstanding and misconception, and an adventure of trial and error.

    Before mankind, the ship "Earth" was maintained solely by cosmic forces, today humankind partially took control, some succeed, some failed.
    With your ticket you've also acquired the written permission to succeed--in the name of Men and Earth.


    The Nations Online Project - is, among other things, a more or less objective guide to the world, a statement for the peaceful, nonviolent coexistence of nations.
    A statement in favor of cultural diversity and the free flow of information and knowledge across national, cultural and religious boundaries.

    The challenge and task of the civilized world is and will be, to find equally civilized solutions to its problems.


    WE define globalization as the free access to global information!
    The mission of this portal is to give you access to online information about the immense potential of creative power of the cultures of Earth, to views, visions and knowledge of humankind.
    The central issue is to lead your attention to the best mankind has been able to create on its pathway from prehistoric times until today and, hopefully until tomorrow, to give you possibilities to choose from, and find solutions for your tasks.
    At heart of mankind's very successful evolution over millions of years was co-operation, not rivalry. Today this cooperation is more needed than ever to avoid that this planet will be damaged irreparably.

     Information from the Source.

    Get an idea of the world you live in and form your own opinion!
    You are invited to a virtual voyage through countries and nations around the world. Most of the sites listed in this index originated in their respective countries, the hand-picked and carefully selected links intend to give you a first impression of a nation and its people. Wherever possible, the links will guide you to sites that are in English, because by now it seems this is the language of the internet that most people are able to understand.
    ...more about the project's information sources

     You and the World.

    This is not someone else's world; ultimately, this is your world. You spend a limited time on this planet and it's up to you to make the best out of it, for you, your children - and your planet.
    With the Internet we've opened another door of perception, a terrific door - a new portal to the world. Like the explorers of days gone by, now you are able to travel to unknown places, find new territories and gain knowledge - and maybe wisdom.
    With the Internet we are able to gain access to new concepts and ideas. It's the first time in history that we all are really closely connected, let's use this opportunity.

    Bon Voyage - and keep in mind, not everything that you will come across seems to make sense at first sight, - go ahead and use your magnificent brainpower :-)

      What is One World - Nations Online?

    Made to improve cross-cultural understanding and global awareness.
    One World - Nations Online has been, so far, a holistic and philanthropic project, dedicated to art, culture, history, and the uniqueness of a nation and its people.
    The project is not only intended for educational purposes; you may also use it with written permission just to have fun.
    The Nations Online Project started in early 1998 as a reference work for netscout.net. The idea was to create an online guide to cultures and nations around the world. At that time, there was not as much information available about foreign countries online as there is today, but the idea was that it should be possible to find at least one entry for every Top Level Domain (country code for the Internet) on the Web.
    In the beginning I was overwhelmed by the large number of TLD's (Top Level Domains) and the related sites. On the other hand, however, I was pleased to find this amazing amount of information.
    And so, The One World - Nations Online Project has been growing and, as far as I'm concerned, it will continue to do so for many years to come.

    A selection of comments about the Nations Online Project:

    Handsdown, this is the best site out there for country information...

    An extensive metasite for web pages relating to the countries of the world.
    Iowa State University

    'an objective guide to the world'
    Geography at the University of Sussex

    'a portal to the countries of the world'
    British Library Net

    Wonderful site

    A portal to the countries, nations and cultures of the world...
    The Geological Society of London

    ...Very up-to-date, spotlights high-interest countries.
    American Library Association

    A list of gateways to official and other websites in countries of the world...
    UCSD Libraries

    Henvisninger til turistguider, flyselskaber, jernbaneselskaber, nyheder, museer, universiteter og lokale søgemaskiner.
    Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik (FUJ)

    Under what heading do I find Canada?
    Elva D.

    Your Summary of the World figures are really shocking. Can you expand on sources you have used to determine:
    Unable to read: 70%
    Malnutrition: 50%
    Substandard Housing: 80%
    Reinaldo G.

    For a person who averages 2 .24 hours sleep a night due to chronic severe pain - it was really a great pleasure to find your site...
    H. W-P.

    According to your site, the capital of South Africa is Cape Town. That is unfortunately not correct. The capital of South Africa is Pretoria.
    Eugéne de P.

    Essential links to countries and nations of the world
    from A to Z.
    Denver Public Library

    Gateway to a wide range of information on the countries of the world...

    We don't do daylight savings time in Korea so your clock for Seoul is an hour slow!!!

    me, myself and I

    with love and respect
    Klaus Kästle ( [email protected] )
    Editor One World - Nations Online

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    long (dragon) - 1952

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    just copy following line to your site:

    <a href="http://www.tkcattlecompany.com/">One World - Nations Online</a><br>
    A portal to the countries of the world.

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    Contact and Copyright Information
    Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

    Thanks to:

    David Stanley, the "South Pacific Organizer" for his help with the Pacific Islands.

    Douglas Adams, for his version of the OWNO Idea in "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" ;-)

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    Continents: Africa | The Americas | Asia | Australia/Oceania | Europe